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BTMsoft Payroll looks after the people that are crucial in your business. Simplicity in complex situations, timely information and analysis supports your HR and productivity decisions

Payroll is a sensitive part of your business. Timing, privacy and compliance are of equal importance. It can also be a significant expense.

Our payroll system is a flexible online solution that can be adapted to your needs and specific pay arrangements.

Payroll is integrated with Timesheet and Rostering for comprehensive experience and management of your whole Team.

BTMsoft is committed to simplicity of our systems, but the complexity of laws and regulations around payroll may be overwhelming. Therefore our payroll system comes with support that goes beyond IT:

  • Working with you and your Accountants to recognise your needs, awards and other factors and set up your Payroll System to fit right in.
  • Managing updates to your awards and other arrangements, such as Salary Sacrifice or RDO accruals, specific allowances etc.
  • Providing you with training and on-call support related to issues coming out of IT and payroll departments.
  • Enhancing your team to ensure your payroll processing is a smooth process.

Our highly customisable Payroll system will allow you to adjust pay rates, holiday rates and add custom charges, such as child support or Salary Sacrifice. Whether you look after one employee or a hundreds of them, our Payroll solution will take the burden of your payroll solutions off your shoulders. You can use our comprehensive standard setting that fits most Australian Employers, and enhance it with customization  – per individual employee or per groups.

Main features include:

  • Focus on Compliance and Security
  • Streamlined with Timesheet and Roster
  • Single Touch Payroll (STP) enabled
  • Employee Portal for self-service and data management
  • Enhanced HR capabilities
  • Automated reporting