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This change was implemented in May 2017.

New version is richer in features, and there are changes to the way it works:

  1. You can now send reports directly from the software via MS Outlook.
  2. Installation and upgrading process is now easier.
  3. Improved search functionality.
  4. Automated licensing – managed between our server and your application.
  5. You no longer create batch to enter new payment summaries: in new version:
    1. you enter new payment summaries first and then
    2. collect them into batch to lodge them.
    3. All not lodged records will be kept in one place where you can easily see what is outstanding to lodge.
  6. You can export all records as separate PDF files, you can e-mail them to Employees from the application.
  7. License is now divided into Business and Accounting. Business license allows payment summaries only for one business: supplier of the file. Accounting license allows payment summaries for unlimited businesses (Clients of the practice). Both licenses allow unlimited Employees. Both licenses are annual.
  8. All versions are network versions with unlimited users.
  9. You can manage multiple files (each requires separate license).