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Setting up your software will take one minute and will allow all features to run smoothly.

On the first computer in your network:

1: On Welcome page (MN01), click on ‘Create new file’ (even if you used previous versions of PAYG Creator. If you did not use previous PAYG Creator versions, strongly suggest to change database engine to SQLite by clicking on SQLite checkbox)


2: Select the folder where you want to keep your file. This can be a network drive for multiple user access. Make sure your selected folder has  “write” permissions. 

File will be created into this folder – this may take a while depending on the connection with this folder.

3: After the file is created, new form will open (MN03). In there:

  • If you used our software before, click on ‘Import from previous PAYG file’.

New form will open, where you need to select the old file (application should automatically detect file from previous version). File that you are looking for is named PAYG-Data-2013.accdr. By default it was stored in folder C:\BTMsoft, but could be moved. Click ‘Select data file’ to find the file. When file is selected, click ‘Import’.

After file is imported, this form will close and you will return to previous form (MN03), where you need to select where all PDF reports should be stored and where SBR reports should be stored. Click here for more information about storage of files.

Click ‘Register’ to proceed: your demo license will activate.

  • If you use our software for the first time, please enter all details and click ‘Register’.

Demo version will apply until you purchase the license.

On other computers in your network:

  1. On Welcome page (MN01), click on ‘Open other file’
  2. Select the file you created for the network.

Video: database file registration and old PAYG data import

You can watch a video how to import old PAYG data and register a new database file here: