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Finally, implemented database “Repair File” function, which can fix annoying message:  “Record was not saved. Please contact software provider!”. It was happening due some old PAYG importing data mismatch, but from now – not any more, because you can fix it.

Error: record not saved in BTMsoft PAYG Creator

If you are getting this message, please do these steps:

  1. Close BTMsoft PAYG Creator software.
  2. Make sure no one is using your database file.
  3. Open BTMsoft PAYG Creator software again.
  4. Select from the list your database file and click “Repair File” button on database file selection form (MN01)

Repair database file in BTMsoft

5. Click again “Repair File” button on window “HL01”, which will do a job.

Repair database file in BTMsoft

6. Wait until system will fix all issues.

If your database file was repaired successfully, you will not get this error message any more.