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  1. On Dashboard (PG01), there is a list of all not-lodged reports on the right-hand side list.
  2. This list groups reports by types (PAYG – all six reports together, TFN declarations and TPAR) and year, so per units that can be lodged together.
  3. Double-click on the row you wish to lodge. New form will open (PG02).
  4. On that form, you see all reports of the kind that were prepared but not lodged.
  5. Click on ‘Validate’ to see if there are any items missing. You will see Validation Message on each record. If this cell is empty, record is OK to lodge.
  6. Only selected items will be inserted into the ATO Lodgement file. By default, all items are selected.
  7. Enter Batch Name.
  8. Add any notes if required.
  9. Click on ‘Lodge’. New file will be created and a new form (PG03) will appear.
  10. Log in to Tax Agent Portal or Business Portal using your AusKey
  11. Click on ‘Lodge file’ on the left-hand side menu (bottom of the list)
  12. Tick ‘Lodge’
  13. Select file by clicking ‘Browse’
  14. You can add your e-mail address to receive report
  15. Tick the declaration
  16. Click ‘Submit’
  17. Wait for the batch to clear with the Tax Office and copy the confirmation number into the text box.
  18. If the file has not passed validation, click ‘Batch not accepted’.