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New features

1.If you are having multiple software users, who are working with same database file, you can setup your lodgement records in the batch window  all selected or not selected by default. Just need to select/unselect checkbox in the "Settings" window (Settings button on the left side). It is recommended, if you have multiple users to unselect all records by default.

2. You can save all employees' Payment Summaries of selected company into single PDF file or separated PDF files. Just click "Save All as PDF" button of selected company.

After clicking "Save All as PDF" button, you will get a question, which allows to choose to save all Payment Summaries into single PDF file or multiple PDF files for each employee.

3.After clicking button "Lodge", will appear summary window of all your selected companies with employees. Please make sure, in this window you can see all your companies and employees, whom you want to submit to ATO portal.If all information is found and correct, just click button "Continue" to create a batch file.

4. You can see a progress of your batch file validation/creation. It shows employee First Name and Last Name bellow "Creating" caption. It is still not too late to cancel your batch file lodgement/validation if you click "Close/Abort" button.What is more, a batch report is moved to summary window and can be printed only from summary window.