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PAYG Creator dashboard

This is your main dashboard, starting point to all features of this application.

Select Employer – selected Employer will default to all features below. If you will not select an Employer, you will need to select on each form separately. When selected, this link will change to name of the Employer.

Find reports created for Employer – all batches (lodged) – PAYG, TFN declarations and TPAR.

View Employees – see all Employees for the selected Employer (PG04).

New Employee – add Employee (form PG06)

Search Batches – search through all lodged batches – PAYG, TFN declarations and TPAR (PG07).

Search Employees – search through all employees for all Employers in this database (PG05).

Selection of reports – list of all reports you can prepare using this application (PAYG Creator module).

Financial Year – when adding report, please enter the year for this report. TFN Declarations should have current financial year.

PAYG Lodgement – list of all types of reports prepared but not lodged: by Type (PAYG, TFND, TPAR), then by year. Count shows how many reports remain not lodged. Double-click on the row to start validation and lodgement procedure (PG02).

Lodge reports: select year and click one of the three buttons to start validation and lodgement procedure (PG02).