BTMsoft Trust Account management software is designed for Accounting practices offering Fee from Refund service, but can be used with all other transactions.

Fee from Refund features

  • import EFT reports received from ATO daily & assign to Clients automatically
  • review and calculate your available fees, pay all your available fees in one bank transaction and record each fee separately against Client’s funds
  • send out all refunds in one multiple transaction through ABA file

Data management

  • sync Clients from CSV to keep consistent data with your tax software
  • make other transactions: accept funds from Clients, pay their tax / expenses, transfer between Clients etc.
  • backup feature

Control and Audit

  • keep detailed track of each transaction for compliance purposes
  • manage & control money flowing in and out of your Trust Account
  • keep constant track of your Clients’ balances
  • reconcile account easily
  • review overdue jobs to recover your fees
  • prepare audit documents and get your audit done quicker


  • send reports to Clients, keep them informed of the status of their money
  • easy access to Client history to assist with any enquiries