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If you have your initial setup behind, it’s time to set up Trust Account module.

All setup happens on one form. Just click on Settings on the left-hand side menu and select ‘Trust Account’ tab.

Additional information on settings fields is in Guide to Settings.

Before you start, it’s best to collect the following information from your bank to set up ABA files:

  1. Instructions on how to import ABA file to your banking system.
  2. Bank code – three-character bank identifier (CBA for Commbank, ANZ, NAB etc.)
  3. ABA identifier – six-digit number to identify the sender. Most banks use the same number across all users, but some may still require unique number. CBA uses 301500, NAB allows any number, we used 123456 in our tests.
  4. Whether you should supply a balancing or non-balancing file.