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ABA file is a file usually produced by your financial management software, that you upload to your bank to make automatic multiple transfer.

ABA file is a simple file saved in a format that is readable by all Australian banks, as it is a standard introduced by Australian Banking Association. This file is usually produced by software, such as BTMsoft Trust Account, and then uploaded to the bank for processing. The file contains name of the account, BSB and Account number, Amount to pay and Payee reference for each payment.

You can process hundreds of single payments with one file. BTMsoft Trust Account produces this file to disburse monies to Clients.

Your bank must allow you to process ABA file – this may require you to purchase additional services or banking facility.

What do you need for ABA file

  1. Bank code – three-character bank identifier (CBA for Commbank, ANZ, NAB etc.)
  2. ABA identifier – six-digit number to identify the sender. Most banks use the same number across all users, but some may still require unique number. CBA uses 301500, NAB allows any number, we used 123456 in our tests.
  3. Whether you should supply a balancing or non-balancing file.

BTMsoft Trust Account produces this file to disburse funds to Clients, from TA03 page.