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What is an EFT report

For each day you receive any refunds in your Trust Account, you will receive an EFT report. If you don’t receive this report, you can still use this software, but all ATO deposits must be entered manually. You can contact ATO – Tax Agent Services to start receiving these reports.

Different software providers name the file differently, but it has the same structure.

  • Software Assistant – RPTRS(a).(b)
  • MYOB AO – RPTRS(a) or RPTRS(a)AOSQL – no file extension

– where (a) is a sequence number, (b) is the initials of user that imported the file.

You can set up a filter to see only these files on importing in Settings.

Please provide us with your software and the name of the file so we can build this knowledge base for other users.

Importing EFT reports to Trust Account

Importing EFT file records all payments, including the long ATO0001111… reference against each Client.

Need to know:

  • If the Client has no open jobs, new job will be automatically created.
  • If Client has more than one job open, you will be notified in the log. Please check if Client does not owe you more than one invoice.
  • Clients are matched by TFN. If TFN not found, transfer will not be imported.
  • Import will check the ATO0001111… reference against existing transfers, so transactions will not be imported twice. If one transfer failed, you can repeat importing the file.

Import procedure:

  1. In Trust Account dashboard, please select ‘Import EFT Report’.
  2. Select the file with report you wish to import.
  3. All else is done automatically. Please read the log – top line to check if everything went smoothly. Please also check your balance against the bank to ensure integrity.