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Trust Account dashboard

Trust Account dashboard is where you start. It provides buttons to start every task and basic information about your account: balance, last reconciliation. You can also run reports to control your trust account.

New Job – set up new job in form TA02

Quick-add Jobs Рgets you to form TA10 where you can add multiple jobs in one go.

Find Job – find any job in form TA06

Import EFT Reports – commence procedure of importing EFT reports into the system. Click to read more.

Manage Refunds – takes you to the console TA03 where you see the current detailed status of your Trust Account.

Transfer between Clients – form that allows you to move some funds between Jobs – TA04.

Reconciliation – form that allows you to reconcile your account TA09.

Current Balance – click to refresh.

Last reconciled – date of last reconciliation of this account.

Report section:

  • Start date / end date – please select date span for each report
  • Report type – select which report you wish to see
  • Show – clicking this link will run the report
  • Export CSV – shown report will be exported to CSV