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This form lets you enter multiple Trust Account jobs at the same time.

Items in this field don’t save automatically: use Save & Close to create jobs. When you will close this form without saving, your entries will disappear.

Client* – select Client, for whom this job is created

Job Name* – this text is taken from Settings, you can adjust it to your needs. This will be a recognition of your job and title of transfer to your Client.

Refund – expected refund paid by Tax Office

Advance – any advance paid to your Client towards his refund

Fees – fees due for this job, to be deducted from the refund

BSB and Account number – these details are for verification purposes only: refund will always be paid to Client’s main bank account. You will see a notification if the details are not as these details.

Confirm bank – checking this box will allow for automatic selection of refund payout and closing the job, provided Client’s main bank account details at the time of payout are the same as the BSB and Account number.